We discover the Cayman Islands in 1978 and on our first visit we thought we had found paradise. We then began making frequent visits. Leif was an avid scuba diver and these crystal clear waters and abundant sea life kept calling us back.

We permanently moved to Grand Cayman in 1990 and opened Calypso Cove tourist rentals a year later. We spent considerable time coming up with a suitable name for our complex and finally decided on "Calypso Cove" in honor of Jacques Cousteau's ship the "Calypso".

Since Leif and I were both airline employees we concentrated our marketing to all airline personnel and fortunately were successful in bringing them to our corner of paradise. In 2004 we experienced a devastating hurricane, leaving many of the residents temporarily homeless, so we turned Calypso into long term rentals. However, at the end of 2015 we could see the economy pick up and decided to go back to our original plan of renting to tourists at a cost which was acceptable to the majority of visitors. 

We are licensed and accredited by Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.


Free resident car parking

Free high speed internet

Free wifi access

Laundry facilities  


Full kitchen  

Bespoke toiletries

Iron & ironing board